SEO On/Off Pages

What You Need to Know About Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is a collection of techniques used to improve the standing of a website in internet searches or search engine results. Search engine results can also be referred to as SERPS. When a website is created, the creator can control what is placed on the site but not where information may be placed away from the site. The information that the creator can not control is managed by third-party sites, which affect SERP rankings. This makes it necessary for site creators to utilize third-party sites for promotional purposes. 

Why is Off-Page SEO Important?

Search engines look for how involved a website gets with its online community to determine its ranking in search engine results. In order to provide your website with as much positive traffic as possible, your site must be as involved as possible, proving to the search engine that your site is a source of knowledge and an authority on the topic.

To accomplish a high ranking, sites must have links and high social media standing. The creation and management of third-party sites can provide a more detailed picture of the original site, especially when these third-party sites link back to the original one. This helps increase its credibility as a valid source of information when the search engines are ranking it, leading to higher rankings that increase website traffic.

Search engines also consider the site's social media standing, looking at the number of networks a website is a part of. The bigger the network standing, the more valid a search engine considers the site to be and the higher the ranking will be with search engines. 

What You Need to Know About On-Page SEO

When something is referred to as on-page SEO, it is speaking of all the elements on a website that the creator and designer have control over. This includes the word content, the HTML structure, and the architecture. When these factors are done correctly, search engines rank the site highly. When this ranking is added to the ranking from off-page SEO, the combination can provide a first-page listing. 

Why is On-Page SEO Important?

Web designers optimize the tools they have at their disposal, using original content and keywords for the wording on the site. They also utilize HTML meta tags and titles within the structure and search engine friendly architecture to give search engines easier access for the purpose of ranking.  

Appatizer Understands SEO

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