Media Kit Design

Introduce Your Company


Media kits are used to share important information with companies you may want to partner with. You can also use them to introduce your company to investors and advertisers so they can see your company as a worthwhile investment. These kits can be composed of single-page documents that outline important statistics and facts or multipage, detailed reports that show samples of previous work with information on current and future projects. 

They can also be used for promotional purposes to raise awareness of a new company, a new service or a new product from an existing company. 

While the amount of information contained in each media kit will vary, the basic information will consist of: 

  • The company name and logo. 
  • The history of the company. 
  • The desired function and direction for the company. 
  • The titles, names, and biographies of the most prevalent company officers.
  • Photos.
  • Product samples.
  • Previous press releases.
  • Contact information.

A Name You Can Trust

At Appatizer, we want to see your business succeed. Our media kits provide the important information in a professional manner, adding to your credibility as a worthwhile company for investment and promotion. We create media kits that can deliver simple or detailed information to your desired audience. Ask for a free consultation to obtain help on determining what kind of kit you need.