Magento Website Design & Development

The Magic of Magento 

Magento is an extremely popular open source platform that does for e-commerce what Wordpress did for personal blogging. It provides search engine optimization, catalog management, and marketing tools. 

Why Choose Magento for Your Online Store

Magento is an award-winning platform used by over 200,000 companies worldwide, including Samsung, Nike, and Nestle. Many of the companies that use Magento have made a name for themselves online, earning a place on the Internet Retailer Top 1000 list. Magento is utilized for B2C and B2B e-commerce sites. 

One of the best features of this platform is that it is able to grow with your business. You can start out as a small online store and grow into a giant online retailer, all without ever having to build another site. 

Trust the Professionals

Free versions of Magento can be found online. However, due to the versatility of this platform, a professional can make use of the Magento code in ways that others may not be aware of. With the right professional, Magento users are able to obtain a customized e-commerce site with the newest features, extensions, and functionality. 

Trust Appatizer

At Appatizer, trained professionals are able to make the most of your Magento platform, providing you with the e-commerce site you've been dreaming of. Our staff stays current with the latest Magento extensions and features to make sure our customers are satisfied. Ask for a free consultation to discover the realm of possibilities for your business.