E-Commerce Website Design & Development

Satisfy That Hunger

E-commerce provides an excellent source of revenue, resulting in billions of dollars in sales each year. Appatizer wants to help you get your share. We can provide the professional e-commerce site your store deserves, whether you have a simple lineup of products or a huge catalog with thousands of items.   

E-Commerce Web Design and Development

At Appatizer, we provide e-commerce sites that meet your needs: 

  • Unique sites that set you apart from your competition. 
  • A focus on product and service showcasing to highlight consumer-preferred qualities. 
  • Social media integration for increased brand loyalty. 
  • Customer-centric sites for a convenient streamlined user experience. 
  • Mobile-ready functionality for tablets, smartphones, and laptops. 

Appatizer provides a custom-made design for each e-commerce project. We follow through by enhancing, changing or improving on the final design in correlation with A/B split testing results and other factors that help with marketing strategies. 

Appatizer's E-Commerce Web Features

You have goals and requirements for your store; a desire and a vision you want to watch take form. Appatizer understands this and is prepared to provide a customized store that reflects your personal brand.

We provide: 

  • Modern shopping carts 
  • Secure 128-bit SSL encryption.
  • Integration with more than 50 payment services, including Paypal.  
  • Convenient customer account management options. 
  • "No log in" checkouts to help increase conversions. 
  • Easy product listing and pricing. 
  • A system-controlled process that manages sizing and optimization on product images.
  • Customized product options, such as choices for color and weight. 
  • Management features for inventory and stock. 
  • Spreadsheet formatting for exportable sales reports. 
  • Comments sections for improved communications between you and the customer.
  • SEO-friendly features that provide easy, maintainable control. 

Need more customizable features? We can help! Spoil yourself and your customers with these gems

  • Provide your shoppers with coupons, discount codes, and printable email gift certificates.
  • Offer live, on-demand shipping rates from UPS, FedEx or other major shipping supply companies.
  • Integrate with Quickbooks and other third party business systems. 
  • Offer an affiliate program to reward customers when they refer others to your site. 
  • Sell software, ebooks, and other digital products. 
  • Sell entrance to online events. 
  • Offer self-renewing premier membership options for monthly or yearly renewals. 
  • Provide a "Returns" request system.

Appatizer has the tools you need for effective and profitable sales management. Ask for a free consultation to explore the possibilities that will provide you with your share of online revenue in 2016.